Silvia Pezzarossi

CoreografoPezzarossi Silvia
CategoriaB Compagnie e Danz'autori Giovani
Forma giuridicaNessuna forma giuridica
Ambito coreuticoContemporanea e di Ricerca
Provincia di riferimentoReggio Emilia
Montecerlino 1
reggio emilia
0032 483396828
0032 483396828
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Birth date: 15/11/1988 in Reggio Emilia, Italy
Nationality: italian
Current residence in Belgium: 17 rue de la Cité, 1050 Ixelles, Bruxelles
Tel: 0032 483 396828


• September 2017 light creation and showing of the personal creation: “En attendant que les poissons passent…” in Maison de la Culture de Molenbeek and Theatre Marni, Bruxelles.

• February-march 2017 residency with “Workspacebrussels” in Kaaitheater for a new duet creation with the dancer Dorian Chavez.

• November 2016 performing “En attendant que les poissont passent…” for Kunstendaag voor kinderen, Wiels, Pianofabriek, Rosas, Bruxelles.

• July 2016 performance projet with the choreographer Sita Ostheimer in Corfù, Greece.

• April 2016 performing “En attendant que les poissons passent…” personal creation in Molendance Festival, Bruxelles.

• January - march 2016 residency in Le Brass for a new solo-creation titled: “En attendant que les poissons passent…”.

• September 2015 one month following Roberto Zappalà work for Zappalà dance company, Catania. Performing “Dance attack” in Villa Bellini, Catania

• July 2015 residence and showing with Natalia Vallebona (Poetic Punkers company) for beginning new creation, Genova, Italy.

• June 2015 I performed “Mucyclo” (personal creation) in Festival Supermouche/supervlieg, Forest, Bruxelles

• April 2015, two weeks residency with Dafi Altabeb (ISR) for the beginning of a new creation, Les Brigittines, Bruxelles

• December 2014 - january 2015 training with Inbal Pinto dance company and Vertigo Dance Company, Tel Aviv

• November 2014, residency with Keren Rosenberg for the beginning of a new creation, Hybrid studio, Bruxelles.

• October 2014, I follow Roy Assaf creation “Boys and Girls” for Staatstheater-Braunschweig, Germany

• June 2104, I took part in a new creation by Roy Assaf for La Biennale della Danza in Venice.

• July 2014 1 month residency in Parts (Performing Art Research Training Studio in Brussels) for the creation “Rendez –vous” and “Only for two” with choreography Natalia Vallebona (IT-BE)

• September 2014 I performed Mucyclo in Festival Fetes Romanes, Wolubilis, Bruxelles

• May 2014 I performed Mucyclo aux Ecuries - Charleroi Danse (dans le cadre des journées CDWEJ de “Danse à l’ecole” )

• February 2014 I performed Mucyclo in Bozar- Palace of Fine Arts, Bruxelles

• January 2014 I performed Mucyclo in Centre culturel Jaques Franck, Bruxelles.

• Fall 2012/spring 2013 I performed with Krama dance company (BE-GR) for the creation “Shadow of a a stretched arm” , Bruxelles and Athens.

• June 2011 I took part in the creation “Melting pot” of Roberto Zappalà, Zappalà dance company in Catania, Italy.


-From 6 to 10 years old I practiced rhythmic gymnastics.

-From 10 to 18 years old I attended and I graduated at the Ballet Academy of Liliana Cosi (etoile in La Scala di Milano) and Marinel Stefanescu (Bucarest and Zurich first dancer) in Reggio Emilia. Here I daily studied ballet, point work, popular dance, dance history, music history.

-From 18 until 20 years old I was in the Ballet Junior of Geneve (Switzerland) directed by Sean Wood and Patrice Delay.
I performed repertory of Ken Osssola, Patrick Delcroix, Jilles Jobin, Thierry Malandain etc...

-From 20 to 22 years old I attended and I graduated after 2 years professional training course “Modem Atelier” of the Zappalà Dance Company in Catania.
Here I studied with:
Roberto Zappalà, Ime Essein (Skanes dance theater rehearsal director) Helge Lettonja (Steptext dance project director) ,Wei Meng Poon, Michal Mualem (SashaWaltz dancer), Giovanni Scarcella (Ultima Vez dancer) Simone Sandroni (Dejà Donné dance company), Salvo Romania among others.

-Since september 2011 I’m living in Bruxelles and training with teachers like: David Zambrano, David Hernandez, Inaki Azpillaga, Ted Stoffer, Salva Sanchis, Roberto Olivan, Cruz Mata, German Jauregui, Laura Aris among others.


• Since 2014 I’m teaching preparatory dance/creative dance for child aged 4-6 years old in Espace Bamboo (Bruxelles) and British school of Brussels.

• Since 2015 I’m regularly teaching a contemporary dance class, based on improvisation, for adults in Atelier de l’Argonne and Espace Catastrophe, Bruxelles.

• Occasionally I’m teaching contemporary dance class for professional dancer in The New Space, Bruxelles